Montag, 21. Mai 2007

get over it

had to drink a mix of cider and wine with my flatmates and friends to get over a conversation with my ex at the phone this night...she was calling, we rarely speak, and I was waiting for more than 30 minutes for her to come up with something..she did not tell anything I went on know when you don't know what to say- you just talk stupid crap ! And that's what I did....and in the end she told me that she had the feeling of "beeing home" talking to me ....I just found it weird...nothing really to tell but there's somehow the wish to talk to each hope that the connection, we once had, would be there again..don't know why she said she felt "home" with me..I just felt as a stranger with her...but why did I invite her to visit me, that I was looking forward to seeing her again? hope for better, older timer? don't know..but anyway, this is my blog...and this is my stream of consciousness....which ends in the very near future when I go to!
T is keeping me awake....and because I am neverheless tired, my phone fell on my foot when I got up from my desk...really hurts...don't tell me I am a sissy.. I know.. good night...sputty